Manage your photos, illustrations, vectors and videos
Enhance your microstock submission workflow
We support not only typical formats, but also PNG, SVG, RAW files
Custom metadata readiness checker
Organize your files using workspaces
Metadata analysis feature
Use CSV metadata import and export feature
Upload to multiple microstocks simultaneously
Pick keywords using keywording tool
Support editing multiple files at the same time
Function to shuffle keywords among multiple files
Generate previews for vectors and video files
Work with photo, vector and video files easily
Find and replace metadata, batch add and remove keywords
Tag files with different statuses to easily navigate among them
Refine keywords for Getty/IStock/ESP
Customize your hotkeys
Translate metadata to English and vice versa
Work with an unlimited number of files in a folder
Save metadata into files
Store different metadata for different microstocks
Create ZIP archives for vectors with one click or automatically on upload
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